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Most High Ministries is a faith-based addiction recovery and community outreach ministry.  We introduce people to Jesus by loving without an agenda, providing spiritual support, and connecting people and resources throughout the community.   


The Founders

New Faces of Heroin Addiction

Co-Founders Kara Shelton and Stacey Dennis shared a common battle with Opioid addiction that led them both to a faith-based facility in their home state of Alabama. The had never met before, but they felt as though they knew each other and that God had placed them together for a purpose.  They were bound together by their love for Christ and His people, their fascination with God's word, and their desire to help others. Kara had been through over ten programs, and that would be Stacey's second and final time in treatment.  Stacey completed the program with honors, while Kara got kicked out, went into yet another program, relapsed and lived another 3 years in active addiction.  During those three years, Narcan would be administered to her on as many as 3 occasions.  One that left her hospitalized for over a week in the Neurological Intensive Care Unit clinging to her life.  The grips of Opioids still had a hold on Kara and she felt hopeless.  Finally, in April of 2016, she reached out to an old friend... Stacey.  Stacey immediately came to her side, took her into her own home, and began to pray over her and battle in the spirit for her life.  This would be the first time in the 15 year history of Kara's addiction that she would be able to compeltely detox “cold-turkey” from Heroin, Meth, and Benzos (Do not try this without first constulting a medical professional). That is when this ministry truly started.  Just four weeks later, they hit the road and lived in their GMC Yukon across the southeast, spreading the Gospel to anyone and everyone that the Holy Spirit instructed them to speak with.  These incredible stories and many more will be featured on their podcast series to be released at the end of the summer 2019.  The Most High Ministries team is here to support all people.  No exceptions.  We believe Christ died for every single human because we bear the image of the Most High... and Everyone is Worth Saving.  God Bless!  … and remember, There's NO high like the Most High.” 

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