Most High Ministries

Small Beginnings

We cherish our southern core values and appreciate simplicity. We literally started this ministry with only Jesus Christ as our foundation and plan to stand in awe of His miraculous power and watch this ministry grow with help of the Most High God.

Big Picture

Our goal is to have our own facility to house women who are seeking recovery from their lives of addiction.  We will have a screening process and will require that the women take initiative and show their willingness to be transformed.  We will not require that you be Christian in order to enter our program, but strongly emphasize the Biblical principles and power of Jesus Christ that is the one and only reason we are recovered and living in freedom today.

How to Help

All of our supporters are of equal importance.  From micro to macro, it all makes a difference to us.  If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please reach out to us.  If we are unable to provide what your loved one needs, we will work hard to get them placed into the facility that best meets their specific needs.